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Our Treatment Philosophy

Your Body's Healing Power

The body has the remarkable ability to heal.  Whether it be muscle, ligament, tendon, bone, or nerve, most tissues of the body have the capability of repairing themselves.  At Knight Physical Therapy of Orange County, this belief forms the foundation of our treatments and our interactions with patients.

A Multidisciplinary Approach to Pain

Our belief is that the entire person plays a role in the healing process.  
Physically, emotionally, and psychologically, all aspects of an individual impact their ability to recover from injury.  Therefore, our approach to pain treatment is multi faceted and multi discipline in nature.  

We do not believe that any one method of pain treatment is appropriate for 
every person.  Therefore, we offer a wide range of treatment options that can be customized to the individual’s unique needs.  We offer traditional physical 
therapy interventions, but unlike other physical therapy clinics in Orange 
County, we do not limit our treatments to passive modalities.  Modalities, such as hot packs and ultrasounds, can provide a window into an individual’s dysfunction, but we believe that human touch encourages healing.  Within our physical therapy offices in Anaheim and Garden Grove, we have doctors of physical therapy who are trained to work with their hands to provide healing environments for the body to repair.

East Meets West

We believe that western medicine plays a large role in patient care, but that 
eastern medicine can also be utilized to rehabilitate an individual. Therefore, 
our interventions will often combine eastern and western pain treatment 
philosophies.  The body protects areas of injury.  This can be beneficial, but it can also prevent healing.  We use combinations of treatments from different cultures and different professions to unlock the protected regions and to provide an environment in which the individual’s body can repair.  We truly believe that rehabilitation must extend past traditional professional boundaries.

For example, if you have neck pain or back pain, in addition to physical therapy, we also offer acupressure, massage, yoga, acupuncture, and allergy therapy to help your neck and back heal faster than conventional physical therapy.

It’s About You

We believe that treatment and rehabilitation of the body begins with the person.  As such, those who are treated by Knight Physical Therapy of Orange County can be guaranteed that they will be treated with respect and compassion.  The focus of our practice is upon providing quality treatment in an ethical manner.  At Knight Physical Therapy, the individual will receive the highest level of healthcare available in a comfortable and caring environment.

So whether it's your neck pain, back pain, or you have an injury that requires the best in physical therapy contact Knight Physical Therapy

(714) 750-4097

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